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Outcomes-Based Measures

Purpose of the Outcomes-Based Measures

All Early College High Schools are required to meet Outcomes-Based Measures (OBMs) on data indicators related to access, attainment, and achievement.

OBMs will phase in for opening Provisional ECHSs as the entering cohort of 9th graders advance through graduation. Upon the completion of the Provisional period, a campus must meet the state’s Designated OBM criteria. OBMs will be phased in for all ECHSs through 2021-22. OBM will be used to determine campus designation status for 2022-23, and thereafter.

Provisional Early College High School

Provisional Early Colleges are new ECHSs that demonstrate they can implement all design elements for each benchmark and meet the Provisional Early College OBMs. For public purposes, campuses are identified as Early College.

Early College High School

Early College designees maintain designation by demonstrating they can implement each of the design elements for each benchmark and meet the Early College OBMs.

Outcomes-Based Measures (OBMs): Distinctions

Campuses may receive individual Distinctions in Access, Attainment, and Achievement for exemplar service to ECHS students.



Update on COVID Impacts on OBMs from TEA

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ECHS Data Documentation

ECHS 2021-2022 campus designation outcomes-based measures calculation process

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How to Read Your OBM Report

Instructions on how to read your OBM summary report

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