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Benchmark 6: Student Support

Purpose of Student Support

P-TECH will provide wrap-around strategies and services involving multiple stakeholders (parents, teachers, counselors, community members, etc.) to strengthen both the academic and technical skills necessary for high school and college readiness, as well as provide academic, technical, and individual support for students to be successful in rigorous academic and work-based learning experiences.

Design Elements

All P-TECHs must implement and meet the following requirements:

  1. The P-TECH shall provide layered academic support to the students by personalizing the learning environment in the following ways:
    1. Developing individualized, college and career focused student plans with specific graduation plan for ongoing academic support
    2. Providing academic support for intervention, remediation, and acceleration
    3. Providing tutoring and/or Saturday school for identified students in need of academic supports
    4. Providing students with application, financial aid counseling and college/career counseling
    5. Providing advisory and/or college readiness and support time built into the program of study for all students
    6. Providing bridge programs (an intensive academic preparation program that provides opportunities to strengthen academic skills necessary for high school, college readiness and career readiness and exploration) and to support student transition from middle school to the P-TECH program (as well as elementary to middle school if applicable)
    7. Establishing an industry mentorship program available to all students; and
  2. The P-TECH shall provide layered social and emotional support to the students as needed, such as:
    1. Connections to social services
    2. Parent outreach and involvement opportunities
    3. A structured program of community service to promote community involvement; and
    4. Skill building instruction for students, such as time management, study skills, collaboration and interpersonal relationship skills


  1. All products shall be published on the school website and be made available to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) upon request
  2. All products shall be maintained in accordance with local retention policy


  1. Bridge program calendar and curricula
  2. Tutoring and other intervention/remediation program schedules
  3. Calendar of family outreach events
  4. Schedule of regularly scheduled counseling/advisory events and records of completion for these support services


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